Accommodating children with glaucoma

Both groups have separate disease processes, clinical features, and prognoses.

Non-pathological myopia is also commonly referred to as physiological, simple or school myopia.

Light rays from an object at infinity entering a non-accommodating myopic eye are converged too strongly and focus in front of the retina. Visual acuity of an uncorrected myope will continue to decrease as objects are located further away from the far point and closer to optical infinity.Annual Eye Exams Even if your vision seems perfectly fine, you should never take things for granted.Children under age 18 need to have comprehensive eye exams every 12 months as their bodies are growing rapidly.Conversely, visual acuity is greater for objects located between the far point of the eye and the near point of accommodation.Myopia is generally classified into two groups: non-pathologic and pathologic myopia.

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In non-pathologic myopia the refractive structures of the eye develop within normal limits, however the refractive power of the eye does not correlate with the axial length.

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