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I'm a young graduate that may be posted to crossriver for a youth service anytime soon, and that's why I need a friend from the place.

Then he drew the phlegm out of his throat very loudly. I said something nasty which I can hardly remember, got up and left the food.

But I couldn’t let the food go to waste so I decided to eat the yam alone (for reasons best known to my quirky appetite) and push it down my throat with soft drink.

On the table directly in front of me, there were two Hausa guys discussing and one of them was picking his nose (actually he was literally turning in his nose with his index finger), picking out the contents and putting into his mouth totally oblivious of the presence of people around who were watching him.

Besides, we all know that love is a funny thing, it cuts through barrier, race or nationality.

So, dear parents, start working out for the new wave that is about to hit you.

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This December presents another fun-fare for visitors to savour as the Calabar Carnival takes center stage.

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