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It may have been the time we labored all night over the homecoming project only to find the next day that the rain had ruined our work, or the time we kept our team spirits high despite losing the game. Funny how disappointments bring you closer together. June 3, 1951: Begins working at Precision Tools located on 1132 Kansas. March 21, 1960: While in the army he becomes interested in martial arts. The main speaker at the ceremony is future American president George H. March 16, 1971: Hospitalized for iritis and secondary glaucoma. Late 1971: Priscilla moves out and takes Lisa Marie with her. 25, 1971: Gives all his friends a fifty cent Mac Donalds gift certificate for Christmas as a joke and after letting them wonder for awhile if he is serious, he gives them their real presents. 13, 1948: Is enrolled at Christine School on Third street in Memphis to complete 8th grade. 1949: Family lives at 185 Winchester, Apartment 328 in Lauderdale Courts. He was nominated by former Shelby County sheriff and "Memphis Mafia" member Bill Morris. After the ceremony, Elvis buys a watch for all the other honorees and holds a private party for them. Finlator of the United States Department of Justice. The days we spent together, whether cutting class to go to Abbeville or competing in Dixie Week games, are times I'll never forget. However, we did differ during the Spring election when you supported the other candidate — and he won. Numerous publications identify Simon Favre as the first non-Native American inhabitant of Hancock County.

It opens with the jumping that showed Carl Perkins the boy was more than just a 'good ballad singer', but a kid who had the right blend of naivete and knowledge to mix blues, gospel, country, pop, and bluegrass into something entirely new.

the 1979 OLE MISS YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI Volume 85 University of Mississippi 38677 Sarah Buckner Fortenberry Editor-in-Chief James Martin Tucker Business Manager Mr. Tower y Financial A dvisor FRIENDS DEDICATION WHAT'S HAPPENING?


July 30, 1954: Makes his debut performance at the Overton Park Shell in Memphis where the women go crazy over his left leg shaking. But you can't throw that much into something without it telling. He is rushed to the hospital later that night after collapsing. He is there to see if all the negative publicity is warranted. Since everything Landau was saying is a lie, Elvis only has to pay for the treatment. June 18, 1962: Priscilla moves into his Bellagio Road home with him. 13, 1963: At an auction he buys the yacht previously owned by F. He donates it to charity but it is refused twice by two different organizations due to the cost of taking care of it.

Later that night he reveals to Scotty Moore (guitar) that he was shaking like that because he was nervous. March 1, 1956: At court he serves as a witness against Bernice Harris who is found not guilty. March 8, 1956: The cops stop him for speeding along Kimball between Semmes and Lamas. March 15, 1956: Elvis and Colonel Parker sign a new contract which gives Parker twenty-five percent of Elvis' earnings. Man, she bumped and pooshed out all over the place. He decides it is and requests Elvis to tone it down. 11, 1956: Elvis tones it down by wiggling his pinky. 9, 1956: Makes his first appearance on the with the camera only showing Elvis' body "waist up." After Elvis' performance, Sullivan comes out and says, "This is a real decent boy and the nicest big star we've ever had on the show." March 7, 1957: Buys Graceland for 2,500. 5, 1957: Because of his mother's wishes for him to fly as little as possible, he sails to Hawaii for a gig in Honolulu. Also, on his own volition, he pays for Landau's plane ticket home. June 19, 1962: Elvis, Priscilla, and close friends go to Las Vegas for two weeks. During this time, Priscilla sends postcards to her parents with a Los Angeles postmark.

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May 26, 1953: Partakes in an amateur contest singing "I'm Left, You're Right", "She's Gone and Baby," and "Let's Play House" at First Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Talent Show which is held at The Lamar Hotel in Meridian, Mississippi. The songs are "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin." There are two reports on why he did this. Two, he hopes Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Studios, will notice him. If he's wise, he'll slow down a little and live another 20 years." Feb. 28, 1959: The FBI interviews Elvis after he files a complaint that Laurenz Johannes Griessel-Landau is blackmailing him by threatening to reveal compromising photographs and tape recordings. His favorite rides are "Dodgem Cars" and the old roller coaster "Zippin Pippin." Oct. June 17, 1962: Priscilla Beaulieu flies from West Germany to Los Angeles for her first visit with Elvis since he left the Army.

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