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The vital records are important genealogically since New York State's Department of Health did not begin recording vital records until 1880.

The consistory minutes relate the goals, both spiritual and material, of a small church for more than a century.

Chris and Marleen Calor have adopted this page The first building to be erected in this square, which then was called Oranjetuin (Orange garden), had the function of church for the Dutch Reformed and the Lutherans but also that of Town Hall and Court of Police.

The long façades have a mid section which protrudes a little bit and is crowned with a pediment, making one expect the entrance there rather than at the short ends.

In 18 respectively, the Secession and Free churches in the Maritimes and in central Canada formed 2 regional unions.

In 1875 these and the remnants of the C of S combined to form the Presbyterian Church in Canada, which the 1891 census showed to be the Dominion's largest Protestant denomination.

All Christian churches of the "Reformed" tradition derive from the 16th-century Protestant Reformation and from Calvinism.

They function through a system of presbyterian or representative elected courts often referred to as "corporate episcopy." The hierarchy of courts rises from the congregational session to presbytery to synod, and for the Presbyterian Church in Canada to the annual General Assembly.

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It was only in 1833 that the decision was taken to build today’s church, which is clearly inspired by the octagonal domed church.

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