Ex piration dating antibiotics

“Respiratory symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, or runny nose are mostly caused by viruses and antibiotics don't work against viruses,” says Larissa Grigoryan, M.

D., an instructor in the department of Family and Community Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and one of the study authors.

The expiration date does not indicate a point when a medication loses potency and is no longer effective or becomes harmful.

As a result of FDA rules, then, you will find a date, usually following the letters ‘EXP,’ either printed on the label or stamped onto the bottle or carton of drugs you buy, and in other cases, crimped into the tube of certain ointments you purchase.

Updated: April, 2017 Many medications are very expensive and people hate to waste them.

To avoid a costly visit to the doctor for a new prescription, many people have to consume expired drugs.

FDA regulations do not require manufacturers to determine actual long-term drug potency and stability.

For example, if a company chooses a three year expiration date, it does not have to test beyond that for prolonged effectiveness. Medication's potency gradually decreases starting from the moment of it's manufacture This process is not in anyway spontaneous after the expiry date.

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