June 23 liquidating trustee trust york

Liquidating Trust, announced today a million special litigation distribution to creditors.

This supplemental distribution will be made immediately and results from the Trust’s lawsuit against former Directors and the former Chief Executive Officer of Bearing Point, Inc., which was settled for million with no admission of liability.

Thus, the Debtor in this case bears the burden of showing that it is an eligible business trust, In re Westgate Village Realty Trust, 156 B.

Beginning with a review of the relevant statutes, 11 U.

Pryor & Mandelup by Randolph White, Westbury, NY, for Gurney’s Inn Resort & Spa, Ltd. Liquidating Trust (“Gurney’s Trust”) on June 23, 1997 on the ground that the Court lacks jurisdiction because Gurney’s Trust is not eligible for relief under chapter 11 since it is not a “business trust.” The sole issue is whether the Debtor is a business trust.

Moritt, Hock & Hamroff by Marc Hamroff and Thomas Rund, Garden City, NY, for HAC I. (“HAC”) to dismiss the voluntary petition filed by Gurney’s Inn Corp.

The Res Cap Liquidating Trust was established in December 2013 under the Second Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Residential Capital, LLC, et al.

Res Cap Liquidating Trust’s mission is to maximize returns to Unitholders by vigorously pursuing and resolving the mortgage correspondent litigation, monetizing the Trust’s remaining assets in a timely and efficient manner and finalizing resolution of remaining claims. [1] A Review of the Governing Standards and Caselaw The burden is on the party alleging bankruptcy court jurisdiction to establish its existence. Y.1997) (a finding that a trust is not a business trust would deprive the bankruptcy court of subject matter jurisdiction). Ciaccio counseled the Liquidating Trustee of Bethlehem Steel with respect to a variety of issues concerning not only bankruptcy law, but also intellectual property, real estate, ERISA, and tax law. Bank National Association in its capacity as a member of the Bethlehem Steel Creditors’ Committee, from the inception of the Bethlehem Steel bankruptcy cases. Lifland, Bankruptcy Judge of the Southern District of New York and former Chief Judge of the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Second Circuit, acknowledged Mr. Michael Shapiro Speaks to Radio New Zealand About O. Simpson Parole Decision Co-chair of Carter Ledyard's white collar practice, MIchael Shapiro, who was a TV commentator during the course of the O. Prior to his representation of the Bethlehem Trust, Mr. Ciaccio’s “expertise and diligence” in the case, which he described as “a very interesting, complex and convoluted matter.” Mr.

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With this distribution, the Trust has returned over $476 million to Bearing Point’s creditors, including payment in full to secured lenders, full satisfaction of Bearing Point, Inc.’s Paid Time Off obligations to former employees, payment of over $4 million to additional administrative and priority creditors, and $54 million to unsecured creditors.

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