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LA-based Meaghan, 29, combines acting with screenwriting and wrote the 2015 Zac Efron film We Are Your Friends.

She is currently writing a drama series produced by Reese Witherspoon.

Something is wrong and their relationship goes adrift. Once, he watchers her sleep, her head on the counter. It is about human emotion, growth, hurt,longing,finding inner peace.

Abruptly, she leaves New York City to get away from her pain. There, a heart-broken cop is drinking himself into oblivion, his ex occasionally showing up where he drinks and Lizzy works. Every emotion she brings to her songs Norah Jones and the rest of the cast bring to this movie.

Norah Jones (born Geethali Norah Jones Shankar) is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, keyboardist, guitarist, and occasional actress of Anglo-American and Bengali descent.

Jones' career was launched with her 2002 debut album Come Away with Me, a contemporary pop album with a sensual, plaintive soul/folk/country tinge, that sold over twenty million copies worldwide and received five Grammy Awards, with Jones winning "Best New Artist". In 2007, she released her third album, Not Too Late, which debuted at number one on the world charts.

Some credit marketing, but record companies regularly promote releases by sending out advance copies to critics, buying ads, licensing songs to Starbucks compilations, and the like. Yet the records they push rarely sell eight million copies. Critics point out, accurately, that young artists like Jones, who is twenty-five, and Josh Groban and Michael Bublé are selling soothing songs by the seashore to a much older audience.

Earlier this year Meaghan described Tom on social media as “my best friend and trophy boyfriend."I love you more than I love shoes and WWII documentaries”.

Tom was married to Tamzin, 45, with whom he has daughters Florence, eight and Marnie, four, from 2006 until 2014.

The director did an incredible job of pacing the film to let each moment of reflection absorb into the audience.

“They’ve been an item since last year and are very loved up,” says a friend.“They are very much together.” Welsh-born Tom, 37, best known in the UK as Miranda Hart’s love interest Gary in her eponymous sitcom, has since become a star in the States playing the devil incarnate in TV drama series Lucifer, now in its second series.

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Scroll down for video The singer keeps her private life close to her chest, and still hasn't revealed the name of her first child, who she gave birth to in February 2014.

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