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For my poster, 1 1/2" wooden balls were sufficient. Grab some paint while you're there and paint on eyeballs.

For maximum impact, the paint color and and pupil shape should match the figure before the eye holes were cut out.

Kinetris: You are the One Who Arranges the Blocks from Conan Chen on Vimeo.

It only makes sense that the Kincet could play Tetris.

Although the company also showed me its new multi-user Netflix content synchronization — meaning multiple people can “sit” together and watch movies or TV shows on Netflix together in a virtual theater — I was much more taken with the Kinect feature.

Standing up in a small conference room, a set of Oculus goggles on my head, I began waving my arms.

Or musicians, for example, where you might see the musician making realistic gestures.” Yes, that’s right. Or, as Romo shows me, as he mimed the letters from the famous Village People song, a virtual “YMCA” dance.

I am using the kinect camera for motion capture and I need to connect it to my laptop via USB.

What do I need to able to connect it to my laptop via USB? I have searched online and so far no real solutions Thanks Epic Fuzz HEy all I am new to this forum.

The site is entirely in Japanese, but from what we can glean via Google Translate, NIUser Tracker To BVH converts data recorded using a Kinect in the Open NI format to BVH files, although there is only support for import into 3ds Max, Motion Builder or Blender.

Kinect-Via-Synapse is an open-source interface for use with the Kinect camera, Max/MSP, and Synapse (an application written and distributed by Ryan Challinor).

Any change in the global command will overwrite your individual settings.

— In the real world, we have arms and we like to use them. And thanks to that implementation, you can now have much richer, more realistic VR exchanges.

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