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In many cases, even abroad their torment doesn’t end because the security forces continue to target their families remaining in Sri Lanka.

More than half were abducted as recently as 20 and have only just reached safety. The evidence gathered here indicates these violations are part of a plan approved by the highest levels of government.

They still bear terrible scars –cigarette burn marks, branding marks, whip lashes, and of course the psychological trauma.

Rohan believes that comprehensive reproductive education is lacking in Sri Lanka.

Here’s an interview at the UNFPA Sabaragamuwa Youth Policy Stakeholder Consultation. That site is now changed to by SDJF and supported by UNFPA) Click to see the video We believe in the infinite potential of youth. 100,000/- as seed capital and mentoring to ten young people with innovative ideas.

The fighting stopped in Sri Lanka five years ago but torture and rape by the security forces hasn’t.

Here you will find horrifying tales from survivors of Sri Lanka’s notorious “white vans” run by the police and army.

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