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Schmo plans to replace the older air-source heat pumps with new 5-ton models."In this day and age, I think a well-distributed, high-efficiency system — e.g. Kevin Dickson recommends that Schmo look into a conversion from oil to natural gas, especially if there's no way of adding insulation in the walls.The utility bills (for the gas-heated boiler, plus electricity) from the previous tenants seem high, but they're also fairly wealthy and quite elderly, so they may have just kept the place jacked to 80 degrees all year round without much thought to consequences.Windows are about 80% upgraded, so there's work to be done there as well, but I'm mainly wondering if replacing baseboard hot water rads with new models is a "pays for itself" upgrade or mainly an aesthetic choice.Improvements to chimney flues occupied many scientific minds.The simplest was the fireback, a decorated slab of cast iron placed at the rear of the firebox to retain and radiate heat.From the late 18th century and increasingly in the early 19th, more fortunate residents of East Coast cities used coal in fireplace grates.

He suggests that Schmo take a look at an online forum called Heating

Third tier gives us lots of options, but nothing mission critical like the wiring or the plumbing.

One strong contender is replacing the hot water rads, which are all those old baseboard "public school" style -- large metal boxes with dials on the front -- and seem to be several decades old, at least.

My wife and I are thinking about buying a funky old house where we live, in southern Ontario, and trying to prioritize upgrades.

There's a lot of knob and tube to replace -- top priority -- and some old iron plumbing stacks that will probably be second tier.

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