Updating vcard online dating many emails before date

ejabberd supports the ability to set v Card for MUC rooms.

One of the most common use case is to be able to define an avatar for your own MUC room.

BTW, were you able to sync LDAP fields to Ice Warp vcards? We managed to make it work, it syncs fields such as organization, adddress, etc from Activedirectory to icewarp, but just once, if I edit the fields in LDAP, they are not updated in Ice Warp. atm I can only find how to update the persons name update users set U_Name = 'First Name Last Name;' where U_Mailbox ='username'; I would like to know where all the v Card information is stored and how Dear Freibus, Seems like a legit request.

I have a ticket on that so I can send more info as I have it. From what I tested, if you just sync pwd in a certain account and not the domain sync, it wouldnt sync vcard.

You'll use contacts in Smartsheet to facilitate collaboration.

For example, you'll use contacts when you send email, share sheets, or assign tasks in Smartsheet.

How do I update/restrict my information in the Electronic Directory?

Note: the Directory is updated daily, with some exceptions.

Before you begin If you want to import contacts from Outlook, Hotmail, or AOL, you must first export the contacts to a file.

If you want to convert it manually from command line, you can use However, when coding the client, you can more likely directly do the proper image base64 encoding in your code.

To set the MUC v Card, you can send a vcard-temp set request, as defined in XEP-0054: vcard-temp, but directly addressed to your MUC room.

Back to Top What are UT EIDs and why do they appear in the online directory?

UT EIDs are public usernames that represent people associated with The University of Texas.

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Regardsbtw I only want to update users who have LDAP/AD Authentication not a complete domain. One tip that may help you still be able to use this feature.

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