Validating input output transformation

So it will check whether Zip code is of 5 digits or not.

So in this way Validate transform is useful in validating the records based on the rules & categorising the bad records into different target which can be analysed later.

XSLT 2.0 is designed to be used in conjunction with XPath 2.0, which is defined in [XPath 2.0].

XSLT shares the same data model as XPath 2.0, which is defined in [Data Model], and it uses the library of functions and operators defined in [Functions and Operators].

HYST is a source-to-source translation tool, currently taking input in the Space Ex model format, and translating to the formats of Hy Create, Flow*, or d Reach.

We have selected “Match Pattern“ as the condition pattern as ‘99999’.Although these model transformation passes could be implemented within each tool, the HYST approach provides a single place for model modification, generating modified input sources for the unmodified target tools.Our evaluation demonstrates HYST is capable of automatically translating benchmarks in several classes (including affine and nonlinear hybrid automata) to the input formats of several tools. Johnson Abstract: A number of powerful and scalable hybrid systems model checkers have recently emerged.Although all of them honor roughly the same hybrid systems semantics, they have drastically different model description languages.

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